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Message from LCI Team

Message from LCI team picture

We believe the Call to serve our fellow brother and a sister is both a privilege and an honor to partner with the Lord in changing the lives of his people.   

As we are in the process of developing and perfecting this organization, we appreciate and welcome all constructive alternative suggestions and ideas that will enable us to improve on the services we wish to provide to those we serve.

We would love your prayers and support. And of course please tell your friends. We are passionate about our cause and remain inspired by the greatness we often see exhibited by humankind. We believe that once you catch our vision you will believe too.

Thank you,

Lighthouse Covenant International Team


Human Rights

Lighthouse Covenant International supports fundamental principles of human rights across all our lines of business and in each region of the world in which we operate. Lighthouse Covenant International's respect for the protection and preservation of human rights is guided by the principles set forth in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

While Lighthouse Covenant International recognizes that it is the responsibility of each client and supplier to define its own policy and approach to the issue of human rights, we believe such relationships provide an opportunity for the development of best practices relating to the promotion of human rights. In our client relationships we seek to incorporate respect for human rights and demonstrate a commitment to fundamental principles of human rights through our own behavior. We seek to engage with suppliers whose values and business principles are consistent with our own and through our procurement policies and standards seek to encourage behavior by our suppliers that is consistent with the principles set forth in this Human Rights Statement.


Chairperson's Message

Vice-chair's Message

Dear Friend,


Lighthouse Covenant International (LCI) exists to build a better world for men, women and children. We are driven by the power of knowledge to solve today’s most challenging problems. Lighthouse Covenant International applies a rigorous, analytical approach to resolutely and systematically address a wide range of social, environmental, cultural, and political issues with the goal of helping to free people everywhere from poverty.

We partner with a diverse range of public and private organizations and concerned citizens who share our commitment to fact-based solutions and goal-driven investments to improve society.

As a Christian organization, we know our success depends on our humble obedience to God, who has called us to this work. Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people. Lighthouse Covenant International serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

We would like to create a company that all can be proud of, and we are confident that, working together, we will build the best humanitarian organization in the world.

Certain principles are so fundamental to our success that we would like to describe them in some detail. If we can adhere to these principles – and they are not in order of importance – we will reach our goal of becoming the best humanitarian organization in the world. We also hope they will give you a roadmap on how and why we make our decisions.

Our organization goal is to provide hope and assistance to people in as many countries, and communities around the world, we join with local people to find lasting ways to improve the lives of poor children and families.

We invite you to see how God his helping to shape Lighthouse Covenant International.



God Bless,


Maurine McFarlane


Lighthouse Covenant International

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